• GinaSays16

    T.U.G.S. PSA

    Video Layout

    The purpose of the video is to gather the attention of the Gleeks and former Gleeks, and to get their voices heard on the many problems that is going on with Glee. Some of the flaws pointed out were neglected/overrated characters, less love triangles and relationships, longer storylines, etc. We are trying to get our fellow Gleeks to pitch in with the march to Glee's big break once again. We want equality, stories, and comedy incorporated into the show that we all love.

    The song Wherever You Will Go starts playing in the background. Some red words come in at Gray Background #1, with the logo for Glee used.

    Glee started off as a fresh, new, exciting comedy in 2009...

    Some clips from the following Season 1 episodes of Glee w…

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