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Naomi is a member of The Ultimate Glee Society, her username is KurtsieGirlForever2 and she has her concerns about the way Glee is evolving so far in the series. Here are her concerns:

Continuity IssuesEdit

There are so many continuity issues on Glee that on the GW, there is a whole page full of them. Most of the time Glee makes sense,  but sometimes there are things that can't possibley be explained as to why it has been changed or ignored. Such as the back-up dancers and extra members. How does the glee club get back-up dancers? How do the Troubletones get extra female member? The way I remember it, the whole school hated the glee club when this happened. And what happened to Quinn's big plans for New York? She said that she had something big planned for NY, and yet she does not go through with any plans. Or why does Puck need protection in "I Kissed A Girl" when he already stated that he had had a vasectomy in "Audition"? These continuity issues stated are just few of the ones on Glee that needs to be addressed.


I don't know why, but it seems that the writers love to screw with Quinn. First, in Season One, she is the HBIC and gets pregnant and has all of the drama expected from that. Then, in Season Two, after she was fine, she cheats on Sam with Finn and tries to keep Rachel away from Finn. Next, in Season Three, she goes all punk and dyes her hair, gets a tattoo, smokes, acts 'badass', and tries to steal her daughter Beth away from Shelby by placing items in Shelby's apartment that would make her an unfit mother and get Beth taken away by Social Services and realisticly get Shelby arrested. After all of that, Quinn finds herself and is happy. But that is too much for her, I guess, since in the next season, Quinn is dating her Professer at Yale and acting bitchy to everyone again, even sticking up for Kitty when Kitty made Marley be bulimic and anorexic. Everytime that Quinn is happy the writers just cause her more issues. There are even rumours that Quinn and Santana will start dating/hook up. If the writes do make Quinn bi or gay, they will have officially ruined her. They need to just leave her alone. I understand her having a few serious issues, but having one or two every season is just boring, old, unoriginal, impractical, irresponsible, and fan reducing. This sort of stuff is what causes fans to stop watching Glee just because they don't want to have to deal with the problems associated with it anymore.

Character/Ship Screen TimeEdit

We have many new members on Glee such as Joe, Sugar, Marley, Jake, and Ryder who we know nothing about. I understand not knowing too much about the newbies like Marley because they have only been introduced this season. We didn't very much about the characters in Season One until about the second half of it except for a few hints here and there. But what about those who have been here for a whole season and yet all we know about them is that Joe is very religous ans that Sugar is a rich, spoiled girl. We knew these things in the first episode we saw them in. We should know much more about them by now. I am not saying that we need to give them all of the time in the episode, no. I am all for the most popular characters getting the most screen time, story lines, and songs, but there is a line. When you don't know anything about members we have had for a whole season, it's gone too far. I am saying that we need at least a little bit about them, their personalities, their goals and dreams, what they believe in, who they are. Yes, I love it as much aas they next fan when my character/ship is in the spotlight, but if I can live for an episode without them, so can everyone else. We need RIB to stop catering to ratings and to start listening to the fans.

Some ships are getting more attention than others nowadays. Pretty much the same thing as the character screen time. Yes, Glee does show the popular things more than thet non-popular ones a lot, and that's okay, but having in every episode something about about Jarley or Ryley or Finnchel/Brochel is exhausting. We need to see more ships like Tike and Wemma and Sugartie explored. After the neglected characters/ships are regularly seen every couples of eppisodes, RIB can have whoever they want in the spotlight.

Also, when we have some fans continually say that their character/ship needs more screen time and storylines, and those characters/ships have already gotton a lot of screen time and storylines and are getting more in future episodes, it demeans the real issues and the real neglected characters/ships.


While I do believe everything I have said above, I still love Glee. I would never stop watching Glee over these issues. To me, no matter what they do to it, it will always be amazing. I can actually deal with these issues. I like to poke fun at the writers mistakes and laugh at how certain ones can be hilarious. But I know that there are fans who have threatened to stop watching Glee over those mistakes. There are more than just a few fans who feel like that, and it scares me. If enough fans stop watching, ratings go down too far. When ratings go down too far, budgets get cut. When budgets get cut, the writers and RIB won't be able to produce the like they had done, and it won't be as good as before. More fans will stop watching, and by that point, they might as well just throw in the towel. The show will be too far gone to bring back to it's original glory. And if that happens, no one with watch it any more, besides a few die hard fans like me, and the show will have to be cancelled. Completely. I don't want Glee to be gone forever. Glee is the reason why I can't stop screaming and flailing every Thursday. Glee is the reason why I squeal over just the thought of the next episode. Glee is why I absolutely hate Fridays because it means that I have to wait another week for more. Glee is why I have friends, because I went on the GW and started chatting with people who love it too. Glee is why I am starting to realize that I am a beautiful person, and that no haters can bring me down. I will never understand why some people can just abandon a show simply because it isn't going the way they want, but there are people who will do that, and I can't just sit by and let it happen. Writers and RIB, I beg of you, deal with these issues, if not for yourselves or the show's sake, then for fans like me who can't stand to see Glee cancelled. Don't let it be taken away from us.