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The purpose of the video is to gather the attention of the Gleeks and former Gleeks, and to get their voices heard on the many problems that is going on with Glee. Some of the flaws pointed out were neglected/overrated characters, less love triangles and relationships, longer storylines, etc. We are trying to get our fellow Gleeks to pitch in with the march to Glee's big break once again. We want equality, stories, and comedy incorporated into the show that we all love.

PSA Layout

The song Wherever You Will Go starts playing in the background. Some red words come in at Gray Background #1, with the logo for Glee used.

Glee started off as a fresh, new, exciting comedy in 2009...

Some clips from the following Season 1 episodes of Glee will be shown:

  • Pilot - Don't Stop Believin' scene
  • Sectionals - New Directions cheering as they watch Mercedes sing And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going
  • Ballad - New Directions leaning on each other/supporting Quinn and Finn as they sing Lean on Me
  • Journey to Regionals - New Directions perform Anyway You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'

As the clips play, the judge from the episode On My Way is speaking in the background, a little over the music.

Judge: "From McKinley High, it's the New Directions!" (followed by the people cheering)

It fades to black.

Gray Background #2 shows up with more red words to show.

It made people laugh and smile every passing episode...

A couple of scenes of characters smiling or laughing are shown next. Rachel's line from Pilot blends in, and then the scene she says it in shows up.

Rachel: "Being a part of something special makes you special, right?"

Brittany's line from Hell-O blends in with the scene she says it in, along with some New Directions members laughing.

Brittany: "Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?"

A couple of laughs from Glee characters are heard. More shots of ND group numbers are shown. Then more positive quotes from certain episodes/interviews/award shows are said, with some ND shots of people smiling and/or getting encouraged.

Will (from Showmance): "We're on our way."
Chris Colfer (from 2010 Emmy Intro): "Oh, it's on, bitches."
Matthew Perry (from Presentation of Directing in a Comedy Series Award at 62nd Primetime Emmys) "And the Emmy goes to Ryan Murphy for Glee."
New Directions (cheer before I Believe I Can Fly/Fly performance in On My Way)

Fades to black.

Gray background #3 comes in.

But as usual, things change...
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